A man (Dreamer), in order to save himself and rediscover his true identity, while battling an existence which has by now become grey, creates a dream in which, through his memory (Wiseman), he brings to life a whole series of characters who will help him on his journey to rebirth.

All the values he has lost, the emotions forgotten, the certainties undermined and the sentiments abandoned have been protected by Wiseman in a place called Soul, out of the reach of the clutches of Time (Mr. Clock) and Destiny (Lady Fate).

The personageshe has created interact with one another, helping Greyman (who represents Dreamer himself in his dream)in his search for his true self, with the aim of facing up toGreyworld so as to find all the values he has lost, hidden in a colourful realm called Soul.

On his journey there will be trials to be undertaken,enemies to be defeated, and radical changes to be made in order to unite two existences which have become separate (Greyworld and Soul),but which need to merge if a man who has lost his way can once again be a complete person.

The juxtaposition between grey and colour, the certainty that destiny exists but that it can be altered, the necessity to find the time to understand yourself and to believe in your capabilities, the importance of rediscovering your own soul and allowing it to flourish in your everyday life; these are the characteristics that make up this musical, which will speak to the many (perhaps too many) people who feel that their own existence has become grey.