About the Show- THE DREAMER



A New Rock Musical

An idea by Stefano Rocchi, Gianfranco Bianchi and Monica Petroni

Book by Monica Petroni

Lyrics by Stefano Rocchi and Russell Hall

Music by Gianfranco Bianchi

The authors are looking for a producer willing to stage the show.

THE DREAMER can be presented in both MUSICAL (THEATRICAL) and CONCERT versions. The lyrics are in English and the spoken parts, originally in Italian, can be translated into the language of the country in which it is being performed. In Italy we believe it would necessary to project the Italian translation of the song lyrics onto a screen visible to the public.

The musical needs all-round performers; i.e. artists able to sing, dance and act, as well as having thephysical characteristics suitable for the character they are to interpret. In the concert version, of course, specific physical attributesand the ability to dance are not relevant. The musical is challenging, both artistically and in terms of cost. You could make a comparison with opera, where the same elements are required - costumes, sets, lights, direction etc. - but in addition there is dancing, and every performer has to be  miked; so special attention needs to be paid to the phonic aspect. In both versions  -MUSICAL and CONCERT - an orchestra playing live is requested. Although it is possible to use the backing tracks we haveproduced instead of an orchestra in orderto reduce costs, the show will obviously have greater impact if accompanied by live musicians.

The authors have deposited the show in the DOR section of the SIAE and, for the first year of performance, we would only like the copyright to be paid to SIAE. From the moment the expenses have been covered, we would like an additional percentage on the receipts (to be agreed).

Since this show is unpublished, the authors need to have the last word from an artistic point of view; i.e. we do not want the show to be modified because it bears our mark. However,  we would be available to discuss any envisaged change  in order to improve the work as much as possible, provided that these changes are agreed and not imposed.

Some figures:

The show consists of two acts.

The first is titled GREY ACT and the second COLOURED ACT.

There are 34 songs, of which 3 are instrumental, with a total duration of 97 minutes. The spoken dialogue has a duration of about 16 minutes, although there is also dialogue within some songs. The total duration of the show is 1hour  53 minutes (5 minutes more taking into consideration applause and scene changes). The characters are 21 (the main ones are 15). They must be interpreted by 15 performers. In terms of vocal extension, these would be equivalent to 4 tenors, 2 baritones, 2 basses, 3 contraltos / mezzo sopranos, 2 contraltos, 2 dramatic contraltos) plus 6 dancers / singers.  To achieve a leaner production, (with only 15 performers) it is possible to reduce the number of characters from 21 to 15.

The style of the music is pop-rock with reference to the 70s / 80s. The singers, besides having excellent English pronunciation, must have the ability to sing in an appropriate style, and need to have an excellent vocal range and first-class technique given the demanding nature of the melodies.

The ideal number of orchestral elements is 24, namely:









- 1 OBOE







If possible, the number of strings should be doubled; i.e. 18 players rather than 9.

The story of how this musical was born

The show arose from the idea of ​​Stefano Rocchi and Gianfranco Bianchi to create a show for the Zenit Company, which was founded in 1987 by Gianfranco Bianchi to stage the rock opera "Jesus Christ Superstar" in its original language and guise. In the production, Gianfranco Bianchi played the role of Caiaphas, Stefano Rocchi sang the part of Judas and Russell Hall portrayed Pilate.

"Jesus Christ Superstar Live" was staged in several Italian theatres.

The Company was a guest of Pippo Baudo on a live programme on RAI 3; the Italian national television service .

"The Dreamer" was re-drafted when Gianfranco Bianchi asked his wife, the poet Monica Petroni, and Russell Hall to transform the show from its initial form as a rock opera into a musical. Monica Petroni revised and modified the story by inventing the main character (The Dreamer), transforming the story, which was initially a fairy tale, into a dream experienced by the protagonist, through the addition of spoken interventions. At the same time, Russell Hall modified some of the  lyrics written by Stefano Rocchi so as to adapt them to the new script, in addition to writing original lyrics to several brand new songs .

A DEMO was recorded, made up of 2 CDs featuring both the songs and spoken interventions. Subsequently, a professional working in music theatre, came across the website set up to provide information on the show. She contacted the authors, and worked with them in order to modify the musical considerably, in particular by creating new scenes, whilst at the same time eliminating others. The spoken element  has been expanded, and the whiole book re-edited , resulting in the new 2019. As a result of this collaboration, we can provide vocal scores, the fully orchestrated score, the translation of the script in English, backing tracks created using Cubase (a professional software), as well as the recording of the ‘table-read’ sung and acted, using the backing tracks, by 9 singers, who played all 15 solo parts and choirs. The collaboration with the music theatre professional came to an end in June 2019.In December of the same year, a new DEMO was sung and acted,  based on improved new backing tracks, involving 6 singers. On this site you can listen to some excerpts from this new double CD.

We are currently looking for a producer who wants to stage the show and, given that the songs are in English, we consider it also suitable for an overseas market.